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Patterson Eaglesoft 
Schedule Appointments Distorted


 If the schedule shows appointments that are distorted,  such as small squares or diagonal format, as follows: 

  • Close Eaglesoft

  • Open Control Panel | Date and Time 

  • Select the Change Time Zone button

  • Check or Uncheck the box for Automatically adjust clock for Daylights Saving Time (based on location)

  • Open Eaglesoft and the Schedule

Industries Served

Although we're a dental IT company,

we offer personalized IT solutions to strengthen your unique business.

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From Orthodontics to Oral Surgery, join over 150 practices that have access to time-saving technology complete with dedicated IT support.

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Stabilize, centralize, streamline, and grow with IT solutions that support growing dental service organizations


Small & Midsize Businesses

Maintain secure business practices while taking advantage of specialize expertise and support. 

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