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Managed IT Services Pricing and Services​

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Are you looking for Managed IT Services in Dallas / Fort Worth? Are you currently in an active agreement with a managed service provider and unclear what services to expect or at what price?

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Most Managed IT Service Providers have multiple plans that cover anything from remote monitoring to on-site support. Depending on the services your business needs will ultimately determine the cost. Let's break down the several options you can find in a Managed IT Service near Dallas / Fort Worth. 

What most managed IT Service providers do not want you to know. Managed IT Service providers in Dallas / Fort Worth will start with services first, laying out all the bells and whistles before begrudgingly forking over their prices. Most businesses fall into this trap, not fully knowing the exact needs of their business as it pertains to IT services. 


If your business relies on a tech-savvy employee or pays for IT support when something breaks, managed IT Service will undoubtedly cost more. Understanding that this cost has many benefits imagine no longer dealing with constant computer-related issues your employees have learned to deal with regularly. 

The typical cost for managed IT Service ranges from $10-$300 per user/device each month. If you are thinking to yourself, that is s a wide price range, you are right. Depending on the critical IT services you need in your business will ultimately narrow your estimated pricing. 


An entry-level Managed IT Service plan begins with remote monitoring or RMM tools. The RMM software gets installed on client and server machines and tracks the health of each system independently, allowing professional IT system engineers to discover most problems before they arise. In addition, RMM software gives IT professionals the ability to install critical software patches and upgrades to your server and client machines. The remote monitoring packages can range in price from $10-$30 a month per device. 


Most Mid-Level managed IT services include remote monitoring and remote support. With remote support, a network engineer can quickly log into the troubled system or network device and correct the issue preventing costly downtime. This type of package can range in price from $99-$150 a month per device.



Typically this type of packaging for managed IT services is for companies that would like an IT company to take the reigns with all their IT needs. It will have remote monitoring and support along with on-site support as well. Additionally, they will also include a corporate anti-virus that will be installed on the server and each device. It will allow for continuous monitoring of alerts/events. This package can range in price from $150-$250 a month per device.

How much should you be paying for Managed IT Service in Dallas / Fort Worth?

Are Managed IT Services in Dallas / Fort Worth expensive? 

Now let us answer the question you came searching for, how much does Managed IT Services cost
in Dallas / Fort Worth?

Managed IT Services in Dallas / Fort Worth: Remote Monitoring

Managed IT Services in Dallas / Fort Worth: Remote Monitoring & Remote Support

Managed IT Services in Dallas / Fort Worth: Remote Monitoring, Remote/Onsite Support, and Anti-Virus

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