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Meet our Team

Comprehensive Support for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

Meet our Our Team

David - Chief Technology Officer

David has worked in the IT industry for over 25 years. Experience as an IT Director, Network Engineer and Network Administrator has allowed him to experience the technical aspect, project management, and monetary budgeting side of IT infrastructure. It's because of this experience we can personalize your IT needs through our FREE consultations. 

Nichole - Chief Executive Officer / Customer Care Manager

Nichole has over 27 years in Quality Assurance and Customer Care. It's with this background we have established systems to track quality, customer care, and satisfaction. Many times we'll know if there is a problem even before you do. Our goal is to keep our customers networks, systems and peripherals operational 99.999% - While this goal is sometimes challenging due to the many complications our clients experience every day, this is why we focus on preventive measures to keep your systems running. 

If you're looking for an IT company that your can relay and depend on, look no further. Give us the opportunity to show you why our clients repeat business 100% of the time.


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