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IT System & Security

Comprehensive Support for Small to Mid Sized Businesses

Firewall Installation & Service Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas & surrounding areas.

Small Businesses suffer the most from data leaks and cyber attacks. 80% off all cyber crime affects small businesses. If your business and data is important to you consider our free Cyber Threat Assessment to determine how vulnerable your network might be. 


In today's age of technology, protecting threats from outside your network is not enough anymore. We see threats such as viruses, malware, and ransomware hit a network from the inside. Devices such as phones, tablets, IoT, BYOD all coincidentally put your network at a greater risk. 

323 Technologies offers a FREE program where we can come out and complete a threat assessment on your existing network, which will give you and your team a better look into how your network is being utilized, from social networks being frequented, to malicious emails and sites being reached. 

Call us today so we can help keep your data, privacy and business safe. 678-794-9838

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