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Home Theater Service, Repair & Install in Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas & surrounding areas.


A home theater can be as simple as a few AV devices in your living room or as complex as a completely renovated basement designed to look like A Theater.


At its core, a home theater system should provide a high-quality video experience and a captivating audio experience that breathes life into your favorite movies.

323 Technologies can provide this experience at a budget friendly cost and will provide a state-of-the-art system that can be customized and unique.


Components that are essential in creating a home theater are:

  • Soundbar

  • Surround sound

  • Digital media server

  • Videophile and audiophile

  • Projector / Projection screen

With a little planning, assembling your home theater can be effortless, resulting in a setup that is organized, practical, and visually satisfying by 323 technologies. Give us a call today to start your free quote.

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