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Freedom Internet - Rural unthrottled cellular internet

We understand that reliable high speed internet access is essential. Where wired line options are unavailable we step in. 

Many of our customer have experienced the struggles of satellite internet, capping your high speeds after only a few days then making your connection unbearable to use the rest of the month, that's not us.


At the center of our success Freedom Internet utilizes a Enterprise-grade 3G/4G/LTE Modem with a QUALCOMM Atheros chipset that helps deliver blazing-fast data rates with speeds up to 300Mbps. This technology allows us to provide our customers a Higher Quality and more stable wireless solution that out performs our competition.

How it works

Freedom Internet relies on cellular towers in the proximity of your address. Our High Gain cellular modems acquire this signal then reboost it throughout your home allowing speeds up to 80Mbps. 


What to Expect?

When you contact us we will gather some information that will allow us to perform a remote site survey of your property.  This site survey will include a cellular performance matrix, elevation profile of your building in relation to the nearest, most powerful antenna. 

Once we have determined we can adequately provide reliable high speed service to your location, we will configure your equipment, and send it out ready to connect to your home. When you receive this equipment you will work with one of our experienced technicians to determine the best location for the modem in your home for both speed and reliability. 

What's next?

Once connected, you will have 14 day trial period, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied return the equipment for a full refund. We just ask that if you are experiencing issues to contact us so we can try and alleviate and possible trouble you might be experiencing. 


Why don't we use 5G?

While 5G is a faster network, it requires connected devices to be in a closer proximity to the 5G antennas. If we connected you to this network, it's likely you would experience unreliable service.

Whats the initial equipment cost?

Installation cost is dependent on our initial site survey, there are times we need to install an external antenna to boost our modem to provide you with the highest speeds possible. Basic installations can range between $200-$400, while some more complex installations can cost upwards of $1000, this is where we focus on the layout of your building and optimize your WiFi signal throughout your home.

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