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Comprehensive Computer Support for Small to Mid Sized Businesses in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

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Managed IT Service Provider | Dallas & Fort Worth

Over the years 323 Technologies has developed a reputation as a loyal and trusted IT service provider. We have accomplished this by listening to our customers, and building their IT infrastructure very specific to their needs.


It is our meticulous attention to details that sets us apart from our competitors. Our advanced remote monitoring tool allows us to track the performances of your computers and networking devices, while allowing us to configure alerts to monitor critical hardware failures and servers availability to ultimately limit or prevent any downtime. 

With our expert technicians extremely skilled and knowledgeable it is with great honor to have helped customers solve their IT problems, by building winning IT solutions. 

As a company our goal is to help Business customers get in front of their IT needs. If you are in a situation where you only focus your attention on your computer and networking solutions when you have a problem, unfortunately you are wasting several thousands of dollars a year because of down time, and typical uncontracted repairs cost a great deal more than proactively fixing systems prior to a catastrophe. If you are interested in learning more about your current IT situation from an expert, allow us to come and evaluate your system with our free network and IT consultation. 

Better Business Bureau
Managed IT Services

Back-up and Disaster Recovery. 

A top concern for many business owners and management is their IT safety and security. Most companies have some type of data back up solution, but many are unaware if the back ups are working as expected and have no idea how to handle a recovery in the event of data loss. 323 Technologies has extensive experience when it comes to back-up and data recovery, our team of expert network engineers have been highly trained to setup redundant systems to ensure your data is safe and sound. our disaster recovery plans include solutions to get you back up and running quickly with minimal down time. 


Mysterious Girl


I was extremely pleased with the work they performed. They stayed within their estimate and they gave me options and great advice.


Excellent customer service and quality work. Convenient plus the job was completed well within the promised time frame at an incredibly fair price.


I had a very successful experience with 323 Technologies. David and his staff were prompt, professional and patient.

What sets us apart.


We Produce Results

From the moment we arrive our team immediately begins to asses your IT infrastructure. Our entire staff is expertly trained to recognize problems and create sound, sophisticated decisions to streamline your IT operations. 


We Listen

Understanding our customers needs is very important to our overall IT planning and implementation. We deploy very specific solutions based on your companies goals and deliver.  Our team is highly trained to recognize areas of improvement that could benefit your network, security and infrastructure without pushing products or services that would have no benefit to your IT systems. 


We Care

Our customers needs take center stage when planning and deploying technology. We consider your budget and timeline to accomplish your over all solutions. Beyond the installation, our follow up and service allows you the confidence that all of your IT needs are well taken care of. 


We Deliver

Don't wait days to hear back from a technician to resolve your problems. 323 Technologies remains responsive throughout our contracts entirety. Always providing preferential scheduling and treatment to our Managed Service Partners. 

Who we serve

Dental IT Services

While 323 Technologies specializes in providing sustainable IT support services to ALL industries, below are a few examples of business types around the Dallas Fort Worth area that we serve. 


Veterinary Clinics

Medical Practices

Law Offices

Engineering Firms


All Industries Welcome



1560 E. Southlake Blvd. Ste. 100

Southlake, TX 76092

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